Automotive Product Preview

Due to involvement in motor sport and an enjoyment for modifying anything and everything. Mech Labs has been developing a smart module for ease of installing addressable RGB LED strips in automotive light systems.

The module was originally designed as a modern driving light strip controller for daytime driving lights with animated indicator function. As the preliminary design moved to the detailed design it was apparent that additional inputs could be included for similar manufacturing cost. This resulted in the design pictured bellow. The pictured design will allow up to four automotive signals from powered wires of park lights, indicators, brake lights or reverse lights. By taping into these wires, the modules data output to an addressable LED strip will be able to switch to the inputs function when the vehicles light is on. The module will be universal to most vehicles as either a front or rear RGB LED strip controller. Alternatively a custom program may be loaded to trigger any LED strip animation you can think of from each of the inputs. You could set up a separate switch to toggle functions or tap into an existing function of the vehicle as a trigger.

The design is in its second stage of prototyping and the 100 x 50 x 22 mm device will soon be featured on M D Fabrication’s latest track car and Mech Labs E46.

Assembly ExpandedAssembly

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