Third Dimension

Last week we used spare robot parts to fix a robot printer to print robot figurines for robot loving kids.

The printer is owned by a local university and previously used for our engineers, final year honours project. The 3D bio printer extruded four mediums of bio material in controllable ratios to prove concept that cancer can be printed with carboxylation techniques. The printer was combined with a custom made four channel syringe pump (also designed by our engineer) capable of 2.75 nano liter resolution and an international engineers nano scale mixing chamber. After successfully printing gradiants of a cold liquid, warm solid, bio gel example, the project was seperated and pump sent interstate to another university to research food printing. The printer was left in its bio printer configuration and has required some hardware and programming fixes to get operational.

MechLabs still has some more configuration to perfect the printers output, but it will be in use to prototype some new designs.

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