Ready to manufacture

The first production ready business cards have been manufactured, programmed and tested. Lets be honest, we’ve been playing with them all day.

The four games installed on this device:

Catch – The aim of the game is to press the corresponding button when its light is on. The light travels around continuously and you can “catch” it at any spot. Every time you catch it, it gets slightly faster.

CopyThis – How good is your memory… Starting with one light and progressing up to a pattern of forty. The card plays the pattern for you and you must repeat it, if you repeat it correctly, the pattern gets longer.

Sequence – Concentrate, it only repeats once. Recognise the sequence and repeat it. Easy when there are only two lights in the sequence, but it gets harder when the sequence gets longer.

Twitchy – This game is simple and fun. When an LED illuminates you have a small amount of time to press the corresponding button. Each correct entry makes the amount of time smaller meaning you have to use super fast reflexes to score high in this one.




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